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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Navmesh: Underappreciated, Horrible and unfortunatly, required.

Been meshing a few multi-level cells. With most things in life, the more you do something the easier it becomes. I love working on Summerset but I hate working on navmesh. Besides the fact that it is the most tedious thing in the world to do. Even if you have perfected it, no one will notice because that is the goal of navmesh, NPC's being able to walk about and do things. Been working on a few cells for three days now and long for them to be finished.


Tom Reynolds said...

I love how the development of this mod is going, It took me ages to find you after The maker of the original said he let somebody else do it.

Can't wait :D (But please don't rush it)

I have a problem though: May I ask that if you put any more pictures of the isle up that you use default textures due to the amount of people watching thinking "MY computer can't render those graphics" Just so we can see the mod in textures we can load. Love the work :D

You're Not Supposed to be in Here said...

Thank you!
Future posts will be a bit of both default lighting and ENB. I can't take the high rez textures out though.

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