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Monday, 5 September 2016

Playtest is Fun!!!

I know from experience that there is no point in getting one's hopes up for play testing, and never assume you are done with a mod of DLC size. There is always things that can be done and some things might appear more obvious then others. The disappointment of play-testing is two fold. Primarily you are playing a video game and naturally your instinct is to have fun and get immersed, sadly this can only be partially applied when you have to play as the modder too. To be honest, doing this the first round, pre-release sort of killed any fun I was having in Skyrim. I actually had to stop playing all together because I knew what all the ck names were for every item in the game.

I've still been making improvements, but it isn't really possible to test a 30 hour mod every time you make a few changes, best to wait until a substantial portion has been updated to test the function and results. Also, with a mod that is DLC size, sometimes your changes in the CK will generate what I call erroneous edits, things that the modder did not intent or initiate but the CK has decided to do anyway, these edits can be very hard to track and find, so playing the base game is a good way to see if anything happens in the core game that shouldn't be. Adding the base game play time to Summerset Isle play time and you are looking at becoming burnt out fast if many tests are done.

Summerset Isle is currently being play tested, I have no idea how long it will take, and that is if I had unlimited time to play test, as in I didn't have to worry about making money to pay bills. I have other things I want to add as well, but that can be tested through this play through. I'm itching to get the update out because I see all of these pictures and videos and the contrast between the current version and 1.4 is staggering, at least ascetically.

Over the last month I have received a few donations from supporters that have chosen to remain private, This is a special thank you to them. Your support means so very much to me and I have no words to express how grateful I am other then to let you know that your support has raised my spirits and re-ignited my passion.

Last night I noticed a few AI packages that were not set up correctly, they didn't cause any errors, but would make those NPC's useless, initially they were intended to travel from place to place for a number of different reasons, but would appear on the roads from time to time or stop in some areas, they never did, I will update the update soon on Nexus. 

Thanks to everyone else who has supported me and Summerset Isle, all the endorsements, those that combat the nay-sayers and all the epic screen-shooters, you all rock!

And now a spoiler picture for the entrance to a new area.

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