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Monday, 27 March 2017

Progress Report

Currently I am working on importing some of the finished lines for the new characters I've written up.
I've decided to hold of on implementing any quests until all the new dialogue is added. I had problems with adding more quests in 2015, just before release. It was really frustrating and I'd rather save that for the end.

For those interested in numbers.

Original Summerset Isle available on Nexus has approximately 70 characters with unique dialogue. Of the 600 plus NPCs that can make the world seem like there isn't much communication. I aim to fix that. Of the 70 voiced characters, they had a total of about 1600 lines. When you compare that to mods like Inigo, Vilja, and 3DNPCs it isn't very much.

You have to consider that those mods are specific in their purpose, allowing the mod author to focus primarily on dialogue. As Summerset Isle has multiple Islands, and all the content you would expect from a DLC sized mod, plus only one person working on it. Putting all my time and effort into voice work would have detracted in different areas.

Currently I have added an additional 17 unique dialogue characters with an additional 795 lines of dialogue. bringing the totals to:
87 unique dialogue characters and 2395 lines of dialogue. Ideally I would like for there to be 140+ unique dialogue characters and 5000+ lines of dialogue.

I'm still waiting on a few voice actors to get some of their roles finished, that and I have more lines finished awaiting proofreading to be sent off. I also have a number of characters that don't have voice actors yet, so I will be setting up another casting call soon.

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